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The Cost To Keep Kate Middleton Beautiful

We always knew Kate Middleton was a looker. After all, you don't go around marrying the future King of England without having a certain X factor about you. Often praised for her...

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The Secret To Kate Middleton's Hair

If Kate Middleton isn't the best real life example of Cinderella, then we don't know who is. She's got it all-the svelte body, the flawless skin, the harmonious asymmetrical tee...

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Look Younger in a Snip With Bangs

We try different invasive and noninvasive cosmetic treatments, creams, serums and various devices on our quest to look younger. And while all of that works wonders, there’...

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Fringe For the Duchess, Kate's New Bangs

Kate Middleton has finally done it—changed up her classic look of long loose waves. That's right, the Duchess recently debuted some face-framing fringe and we think the ch...

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Neutral Natural Nail Polish

The Royals' American adventure came and went. We had our eyes on the Duchess of Cambridge the entire trip, scoping her out head to toe. And everything about Kate just works. She...

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Eau De Princess

Sadly, the royal wedding has passed. We've seen the dress, the hair and the makeup, but we're still talking about it, days (and major current events) later. According to The Dai...

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A Royal Smile For A Royal Wedding

All of us have acute wedding fever-and it's not going away. Everyone is all about Kate Middleton-what she's wearing, how she's wearing her hair and her gorgeous smile. NYC-Bas...

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Kate’S Wedding Day ’Do

It seems to me like Kate Middleton and Prince William are taking over the world. You can try closing your eyes and ears, but it's hard escaping talk of the royal wedding. The sl...

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