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Shut Off Shine, Even In The Sun

If your skin tends to be shiny in any season, it's going to be especially slick in summer. Even if acne isn't the problem, an oily appearance can be incredibly annoying, especia...

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A Solid Choice For Effective Exfoliation

If someone handed you sefidé exfo-lift face without its packaging, you'd probably think it's one of those pieces of jumbo chalk that you drew on the sidewalk with as a kid. But ...

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A Mighty Mask That Can Multitask

Usually, a mask has one distinct purpose: clarifying or exfoliating or fighting fine lines-or being the key word. HydroPeptide, however, wasn't content creating a mask that exce...

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A Cleansing Mask Of Clay And Botanicals

The term "mud mask" has been in the beauty business for decades, but truth be told, it's a little deceiving. You're not actually going to put mud in the traditional sense-the we...

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An Alternative To Typical Peels

When you think of peels, you probably picture acids and enzymes. But as Tammy Fender has taught us, a peel can be much gentler and just as effective. You won't find AHAs in her...

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Freshen Up Without Common Chemicals

A lot of NewBeauty staffers are getting back to nature, choosing face and body formulas without preservatives and chemicals that are rumored to be potentially harmful. The lates...

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A Gentler-Than-Ever Dry Shampoo

Deadlines at NewBeauty mean pretty long hours, and consequently, pretty flat, greasy hair by the end of the day. So in addition to the obligatory hand soap, our ladies' room is ...

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A Little Mountain Magic For Your Skin

It's pretty easy to spark our interest. Just launch a new skin-care line centered around a special, never-before-used ingredient, and you've got our attention. Such is the case ...

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