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Are Sugary Drinks Shaping Your Body?

When you decide it's time to drop a few pounds, what's the first move you make? If it's changing how much food you eat, you're on the right track-but you may be better served by...

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Just The Juice To Boost Your Beauty

I was at Target over the weekend, buying a dress, a comforter and disinfecting wipes-the typical motley Target purchase-when I made an unscheduled pause in the produce departmen...

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Fruity Refreshment For Your Face

If there's anyone who understands the advantages of fruit, it's a juice company like fruitology. But this brand wanted to reach beyond internal benefits and bring healthy refres...

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Organic Water With Juicy Overtones

I know I'm supposed to drink an above-ground pool's worth of water every day, but I never complete the mission. Quite frankly, it bores me. I've tried those packets of artificia...

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