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Study: Aging Jaw May Crowd Teeth

If you're considering major dental work addressing your bite, you may want to be mindful that the size of your jaw decreases with age, or so says a new study that examined the e...

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Refine Your Face With Liposuction

Think liposuction is just for areas below the neck? This versatile procedure can also improve the appearance of your face by being performed on or below the chin and jawline to ...

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A Neck Perfecting Combination

Even if your skin and face are smooth and wrinkle-free, a sagging neck can give away how old you really are. A necklift alone can help, but a combination of fat removal from the...

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Improving Your Jawline And Jowls

In terms of volume, the lower third of the face is prone to age-related accumulation of fat. Although jowls are more due to excess skin, the appearance of sagging can be allevia...

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A Smile Makeover That Mimics A Facelift

Your face may be showing signs of aging if you have severely worn down your front and back teeth through clenching and grinding or if you've had many crowns placed over the year...

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Replacing A Broken Or Missing Tooth

Remember that episode of Sex and the City where Bridget Moynahan's character, Natasha, breaks a tooth falling down the stairs? Ouch! Just the thought of losing or breaking a too...

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Does An Aging Jaw Make A Facelift Futile?

A few years ago, a Duke university study showed us that forward-slanting bone growth may impact aging more than gravity. And now, researchers from the University of Rochester ha...

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Improve Your Jawline With Injectables

Hyaluronic acid fillers like Juvederm, Restylane and Perlane are popular ways to recontour the jawline without having to undergo surgery. Using injectables is a quick and easy o...

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Skinny Isn't Pretty When You Age

Although losing weight has many benefits, it can also intensify the signs aging effect as you get older. Studies have shown that people over 40 look younger if they have a fatte...

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