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Jasmine Oil Could Be The Cure For Dandruff

Fragrance fanatics love it for its uplifting scent; skin-care enthusiasts swoon over it for its softening properties; and spa-goers clamor for it because of its stress-reducing ...

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An Overnight Antidote For Split Ends

Dealing with sorry-looking split ends? Before you make an appointment for a defeated trim, take a trip to the store and pick up Nexxus ProMend Split End Binding Overnight Treatm...

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Glow From Within Using A Yummy Drink Mix

We're becoming increasingly obsessed with the whole beauty-from-within trend. There's just something magical about the idea of drinking a potion and getting gorgeous, don't you ...

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A Girly Scent With A Special Name

Rosie Jane is known for a small but delightful collection of glowy cosmetics, like the cult-favorite Cheek Gloss. However, the Australia-born brand is poised to make an impact o...

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Three Thoroughly Beautifying Flowers

Some flowers and their extracts have been used internationally for centuries as a way to cure common beauty ailments. Even in today's complex and scientifically advanced world, ...

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The Redolence Of Opulence, Florida Style

I live in Palm Beach... County. I realize that Michael Kors had the glamorous namesake town, and not Florida's largest county, in mind when he created the Palm Beach incarnation...

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A Triple-Tea-Enriched Bath And Body Pair

I'm super-picky about fragrance, and that includes the scents of body lotions and bath goods. I've passed on some of the most luxurious, beneficial products because their smells...

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Reverse Your Hair's Devastating Damage

At the Gerard Bollei Salon in New York, the staff has seen some of the most desperately damaged hair imaginable. They began using a special formula to give new life to those loc...

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