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Japanese Haircare Gems

We love quirky, imported beauty products that aren't household names. One of our favorite lesser-known foreign brands is Chidoriya, an almost-60-year-old Japanese beauty company...

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A Beauty Ban On Swimmers In Japan

For many of us, the demand is unimaginable: no nail polish, no earrings, no hair dye. Are these not fundamental cosmetic rights? Well, apparently they're not if you're a synchro...

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The Healing Waters Of Hydrotherapy

Water therapy, also known hydrotherapy, is one of the most ancient forms of healing treatments. The curative powers of water-purported to aid in overall healing, relaxation and ...

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Tokyo's Take On Calf-Shaping Surgery

Americans use liposuction, injectables and sometimes even implants to shape their calves, but it's a much different story in Japan. One popular procedure there treats what's kn...

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The Ultimate Undone Updo Kit

For the record, I am completely inept at doing hair, especially my own. After showering, I run some smoothing products through it and let it air dry-the end. I've always wanted ...

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Green Tea's Greatness

First popularized in Japan and India, anti-inflammatory green tea has been used for various medicinal purposes, including healing wounds, regulating body temperature and blood s...

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Japan’S Unexpected Shapewear Craze

Although there are far fewer overweight people in Japan than there are in America, shapewear is becoming hugely popular there-with men. The Associate Press recently reported th...

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A Tradition Of Snow-White Skin

Throughout history, a woman's social status in Japan has been measured by the clarity of her complexion. The Japanese obsession with ultra-white skin stems from traditional aest...

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