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Beauty Trends at BeWell Expo 2012

Hundreds of visitors attended the 2012 BeWell Expo at the Los Angeles Convention Center to learn about the biggest trends in beauty, plastic surgery, skin care, products and mor...

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Get A Golden Glow With These Beauty Tips

The last day of our NewBeauty at Fred Segal event, An Expert Occasion, ended with some great beauty tips from brands like Stila, Youngblood and Lift MD. Check out our latest vid...

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Build A Better Foundation

Gone are the days of simply smearing on any old foundation and calling it a day. Getting truly radiant skin, like the always stunning Jennifer Lopez, involves finding the right ...

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Complexion-Perfecting Moisture

Some days my skin is very dry, and other days it can be so oily. Most days, my skin is just confused! Like most people, I hide my skin's uncertainty under layers and layers of m...

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Sweet Salvation For Chapped, Thin Lips

It's no secret that I love multitasking products, and Jane Iredale's new Sugar & Butter lip exfoliator/plumper is a double-sided dynamic duo. First, swipe your lips with the o...

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A Convenient, Healthy Tan

Using a bronzer is always healthier than tanning. And now, there's a bronzer that's even healthier than the rest, not to mention easier and more flattering. Brush-Me Bronze is ...

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What Exactly Is Mineral Makeup?

We've told you about lots of different mineral makeup products, but you may still be wondering, what the heck is that stuff? Consisting purely of minerals and pigments found in...

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Mineral Makeup Foundation... As A Liquid!

I recently had the pleasure of being a model for a seminar on Jane Iredale makeup. My friend works at a spa and was taking a class to get familiar with the products; I was more ...

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Makeup For Men

Jane Iredale's H/E line is for men who want a little bronzing, a flawless undetectable finish and healthy protection. Based on the same principles as Jane's physician-only line ...

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