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A Fruitful Approach To Exfoliation

The grammar gurus on the NewBeauty staff had never heard the word saltmousse before, so we're pretty sure Pevonia Botanica made it up. But their fruity de-aging saltmousse is su...

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Friction-Free Enzyme Exfoiliation

Most of the grainless exfoliatiors we've tried rely on acids to shed dead cells, but that's not the case with Envie De Neuf's latest launch. Gold Radiance Exfoliating Gel is mad...

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Do The Wave In A Whole New Way

Have you ever noticed how naturally straight-haired celebrities can show up on at events with hair that doesn't just look curly-it looks naturally curly. It's missing that tellt...

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Straighten Your Hair, Heal Your Spirit

Glam Palm doesn't make flat irons. They make Styling Wands. And there's a reason for the magical name: these tools do way more than just straighten your hair. Glam Palm actuall...

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Mineral Mist For Shiny, Strong Hair

When we heard about a new product called Mineral Elixir Dazzling Smoothing Oil, we got excited to try what we thought would be a healthy, glow-inducing body oil. But then we fig...

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Stay Golden With A Precious Gel

Gold's value has gone up recently, but LaROCCA has always know that it's valuable for your skin. Their sophisticated Cellular Gold Complex approaches aging from an uncommon angl...

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A Wonder Water To Quench Your Core

Imagine this: you take a sip of cool, refreshing water and you suddenly feel a rush of stabilized negative ions coursing through you, and a healthy alkalized state transcends ov...

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