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Are Your Teeth Moving?

During your late twenties, your teeth may start to shift due to subtle tooth growth, which impacts tooth alignment. It's natural for the teeth to gradually shift, even if you ha...

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Multitasking Smile Perfecters

For smile concerns, like discoloration, alignment and spacing, or some combination thereof, there are a number of treatments that target multiple issues. Typically, these proced...

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Poll: Would You Wear Braces as an Adult?

Fact: Researchers at University of California, San Francisco have identified 19 different types of smiles. Fact: An Orbit Complete survey found that 69 percent of people said th...

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How To Care For Your Invisalign Braces

After years of dealing with slightly crooked teeth, you finally decided to get Invisalign or another brand of clear, removable braces. It's a good choice, after all, they can di...

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Straighten Teeth...Even Speedier

People with slightly crooked teeth who don't want to spend the time or money it takes for braces, now have another option. Invisalign, a brand of clear braces, recently announce...

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The Time It Takes To Get Straight Teeth

Although orthodontic treatment times vary greatly from patient to patient, depending on one's individual needs, braces can deliver results up to two times faster than Invisalign...

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The Retainer No-Brainer

With so many virtually undetectable options these days, more and more adults are looking into orthodontic procedures. Regardless of your chosen treatment-Invisalign, SureSmile o...

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