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Five Tips to Ensure a Pain-Free Wax

Hair removal is always a sticky subject but if waxing is your method of choice, then there are a few things you must take into consideration. From finding a skilled aesthetician...

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Waxing Actually Does Cause Ingrown Hairs

The ingrown hair battle rages on. For years, many have argued the cause of these painful little guys. Some say hair that's plucked in the bikini area comes back with a new wiry ...

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Roll Away The Worst Ingrown Hairs

Ugh! Is there anything worse than ingrown hairs? OK, yes, there is. But when they happen-and they always seem to happen at the most inopportune times-they can awaken a rage insi...

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Exfoliating Lotion For A Blotch-Free Body

As much as I love statement skirts and edgy dress, I've been avoiding anything that shows off my legs. For the past few years, I've been prone to ingrown hairs, and after they'v...

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Simple Pads To Soothe Away Ingrowns

So, summer's almost over and you're still battling ingrowns? Wasn't this the summer you vowed to not have this issue? Well, if you think you've tried everything, think again. E...

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Handling Ingrown Hairs

Have a bump on your leg, underarm or bikini line that's become red, inflamed or painful? Chances are this is an ingrown hair-one that has become trapped beneath the skin. An i...

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The Return Of The Apricot Scrub

We don't know anyone whose first exfoliation experience was anything other than an apricot scrub. They're practically issued at the onset of the teen years. But just because it'...

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