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Led Lights For Acne And Aging Skin

Recently, the incorporation of LED lights have increased in popularity in the spa world-especially in facials that treat specific conditions like acne and mature skin. “Th...

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How Do Skin-Tightening Devices Work?

Noninvasive and doctor-administered, skin tighteners are machines that employ one of two types of energy, radiofrequency or infrared light, to tighten the skin by heating the de...

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Infrared Light To Enhance Your Results

It's always exciting when you start to notice the results of a cosmetic procedure; but if you've ever wished you could get just a bit more out of your chosen treatment, you may ...

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Excellent Sunscreen, Plain And Simple

Let's stop overcomplicating sun protection, shall we? You don't need anything hyper-fancy-just effective defense. And Avancé has just introduced exactly that. Their new Suncure...

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