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Another Tanning Bed Risk Confirmed

There are approximately 19,000 indoor tanning businesses. Despite the known dangers of indoor tanning, people continue to subject themselves in the name of bronze skin. New rese...

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It’S Time To Ban The Tan

We often equate youthfulness with tanned, glowing skin, and who can blame us with many brands photo-shopping their models to look extremely bronzed. But recently, leading dermat...

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Tanning Taxes Don't Seem To Stop You

In 2010, a federal 10 percent tax on indoor tanning went into effect. The goal was to deter users from exposing themselves to the UV lights on tanning beds. Researchers from the...

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Tanning Bed Troubles

Beach season is coming to an end and many of us are trying to put the finishing touches on our summer tan. There's no denying you look great with tanned skin, but before you hit...

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Tanning Addiction: Is It Real?

Sometimes when I see people smoking I want to shake them. Don't they know how deadly it is? Then again, many of us subject our bodies to unhealthy things, like too much alcohol ...

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