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Can Hypnosis Clear Your Acne?

It's safe to say women go to extraordinary lengths to get clear skin—from lasers to chemical peels and even masks of raw egg yolk. Trial and error is a fact of the acne-ri...

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Are Your Skin Problems All In Your Head?

If you've ever suspected that your skin or hair reflects the stress you're going through, you could be on to something. An emerging medical trend called psychodermatology sheds ...

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Hypnosis For Better Breast Surgery

Hypnosis is not just a sideshow spectacle with waving watches and humiliated participants acting like chickens. Used in a medical setting, this legitimate psychological therapy ...

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Think Big: Hypnosis For Breast Enlargement?

A few weeks after 21-year-old Nicole Edmondson visited the offices of Lesley Graves, the formerly flat-chested Brit was pleased with her newly C-cup-sized breasts. But Graves is...

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