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How To Stop Sweat This Summer

If you've ever experienced that rush of embarrassment that comes from realizing you have sweat stains on your favorite top, then you've probably wondered if there was a way to p...

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Super Sweaty? Help Is On The Way

Could it be the end of sweaty armpits forever? Thanks to a recent FDA-cleared treatment, you may be able to shed your pit-stain fears for good. Especially if you're one of the p...

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A Permanent Perspiration Solution?

You've probably heard about using Botox to curb underarm sweating for the short term, but could a variation of liposuction be the more permanent answer so many with hyperhidrosi...

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Excessive Sweating And Skin Infections

As if people with hyperhidrosis didn't already have enough frustrations-embarrassing, uncomfortable, excessive sweating-now a study has revealed that those with the condition ar...

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Lots Of Help For Hyperhidrosis

Many people who experience excessive, embarrassing, seemingly uncontrollable sweating may not realize they have a medical condition called hyperhidrosis. Believed to affect abou...

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Botox Without The Needle?

A promising study has taken a look at the effects of topical botulinum for the treatment of hyperhidrosis, but its potential goes far beyond the underarm. In this study of 12 p...

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Don’T Sweat It

There's no secret handshake or password for our little underground club. We are the ones who choose clothes not for their fabric's soft and sexy feel, but for its ability to mas...

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Botox To Beat Sweaty Feet

There is nothing more uncomfortable or offending than sweaty feet in the summer heat. Those with excess perspiration, called hyperhidrosis, can find wearing closed shoes uncomfo...

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