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How to Create Sexier Curves

From Marilyn Monroe in the ‘50s to celebrities like Sofía Vergara today, curvy women have long been considered sexy. While genetics has a lot to do with whether you...

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The Best Long-Lasting Lip Colors

Ultramatte lipsticks that had to be layered and “locked in” were once the way to get long-lasting color. These versions use oils, butters and proprietary ingredients...

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Layer Your Lashes

Topcoats are an essential part of any manicure. Even the quick at-home-polish-change is not complete without a clear coating. We even coat lipstick with gloss and apply finishin...

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Gorgeous Makeup In A Breathtaking Case

I love beauty, and I don't just mean cosmetics and creams. I'm drawn to interesting beauty in everything from clothing to architecture to stationery. And it was the beautiful de...

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