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The Beauty Benefits Behind Honey

Cleopatra was said to bathe in it, the Ancient Greeks valued it as currency and the Chinese have regarded it as a disease-buster since the 14th century. Today, honey is showing ...

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The Top Types of Honey

From skin-care multitasker to wellness elixir, honey is stepping out of the shadows from its sweet-stuff reputation to take the reins as one of the hottest total-health ingredie...

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A Silk-Spiked Shampoo And Conditioner Duo

Finish this phrase: "Smooth as..." We'd bet a lot of you said "silk." After all, you've probably heard more than one product promise to make your hair feel that way. But how ma...

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A Mousse With More To Offer Than Most

Mousse with honey and marshmallow may sound like an awesome dessert, but if we're talking about it on DailyBeauty, you can be sure it has something to do with your 'do. Aveda P...

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A Honey Of A Foot Cream

As messy as it would be, dipping your dry feet in honey would be a truly therapeutic treat. But if you're not willing to fill a tub with the sticky stuff, Nuxe has an alternativ...

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A Dangerously Sweet Scent Duo

You'd think the last package you'd want to receive is one that says BOMB and KILLER in big, black letters. But the one we got today also said CHERRY and PERFUME. The padded enve...

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Going Bananas For A Natural Body Butter

You don't have to insist on natural, paraben-free products to appreciate the mouthwatering awesomeness that is banana shea body butter from green by nature. Anyone with skin and...

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