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Red-Carpet Hair: Ethereal Waves

Hollywood’s hottest leading ladies scored major beauty points on the red carpet this season with their long, loose, ethereal waves. Inspired by former silver-screen legend...

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A-List Secrets to the Fountain of Youth

Have you ever wondered how Hollywood’s middle-aged starlet’s are staying in tiptop shape from red carpet to red carpet? So have we. We consulted with Chicago plastic...

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Holiday Makeup Must-Haves

Although Halloween is approaching, I'm not too concerned about costume choices. But I can't say the same about the rest of 2011's upcoming holidays. The months ahead bring many ...

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The Muppets Take On Nail Polish

Don't laugh, but pink nail polish and The Muppets are a few of my favorite things, so you can imagine my ecstatic reaction to OPI's upcoming collection of nail polishes, celebra...

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Create The Perfect Canvas For Makeup

We love Mally Beauty because, through her exclusive cosmetic's line makeup artist Mally Roncal makes Hollywood glamour available to all women. In two easy steps, Mally's Under...

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Hollywood’S Hottest Sun Protectors

Think the stars rely on the Southern California sun to get their glow? Think again-Tinseltown's finest know better. They may be basking in the spotlight, but these are the sun-s...

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