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How to Create Sexier Curves

From Marilyn Monroe in the ‘50s to celebrities like Sofía Vergara today, curvy women have long been considered sexy. While genetics has a lot to do with whether you...

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Say Sayonara To Saddlebags

It's no secret that fat is hard to banish-and one of the most obstinate offenders is the area between the hips and thighs. Commonly referred to as saddlebags, these pockets of f...

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Heidi Montag's Multi-Procedure Makeover

Fans of the MTV's The Hills know that Heidi Montag has always been a pretty girl. But she didn't think so. So in 2007, she went from babe to all-out bombshell by getting a nose ...

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Age And Our Ever-Changing Beauty Concerns

When you look in the mirror, what do you focus on? Is it the same feature you worried about most 10 years ago? According to a recent survey, it probably isn't-and it will probab...

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Remold Your Body In A Month

If you've ever tried a firming or slenderizing body formula, you've probably found yourself looking in the mirror and asking, "OK, when is this supposed to start working?" But R...

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