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The Healing Power of Flowers

Fragrant and beautiful, some of the most prevalent flowers in nature offer more than good looks. Florals and their extracts have long been used as a way to heal common beauty ai...

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Three Thoroughly Beautifying Flowers

Some flowers and their extracts have been used internationally for centuries as a way to cure common beauty ailments. Even in today's complex and scientifically advanced world, ...

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Start Straightening In The Shower

When it comes to straightening our hair, most women don't consider shampoo or even conditioner the starting point. That usually begins once we step out of the shower, with styli...

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Recapture Your Hair's Youth

While we're busy slathering on serums to fight wrinkles and spots, we may not notice that our hair is showing its own signs of aging. It just doesn't bounce back like it used to...

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A Designer's Tropical Treats

Should I ever get the chance to escape to Bermuda, I'm taking Michael Kors with me-the scent, that is. The newest addition to his Island fragrance collection, Michael Kors Bermu...

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See Smoother Skin Around Your Eyes

We love Arcona's holistic approach to skin care, and what doesn't go into the line-like petrochemicals, binders, fillers, chemical stabilizers, parabens, perfumes, and dyes. And...

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A Super-Natural New Eye Cream

Jurlique has definitely been ringing the changes. Last year, they got a chic new look, and just recently, they introduced a new collection of four high-performance anti-aging pr...

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