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What To Expect From Keratin Treatments

If you're considering a keratin treatment in hopes of waking up every day with effortlessly pin-straight hair, you may be disappointed by the actual results. Keratin basically ...

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Stop Frying Your Hair With Your Flat Iron

Who hasn't overdone it with their flat iron before? It's almost too easy to singe your hair, leaving it smelling burnt and maybe even broken! But this is the risk we take when t...

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Prep Your Hair For Punishment

Heat-styling, sun exposure, even brushing can wreak havoc on hair. With that in mind, do you really think it's fair to let your locks go it alone? Profound Beauty has conjured...

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An Undefinably Brilliant Hair Helper

Sometimes a name is enough to grab our attention. Such is the case with miracle leave-in product by it's a 10. And luckily, what it does kept our attention-raptly. See, the rea...

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Natural Shine For Heat-Styled Hair

It's pretty ironic. We blow-dry and iron our hair to make it look better, but all that heat ultimately zaps its ability to shine. There are a bunch of shine-enhancing products o...

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A Strand-Strengthening Spray

When we think of hair-repairing formulas, we typically envision deep conditioners and masks that leave us lingering in the shower for longer than usual. So imagine our surprise ...

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Wet Hair Needs Gentle Care

In general, hair is strongest when it's dry. When it's wet, the cuticles are open, making it weak and more vulnerable. Once dry, it returns to its normal, stronger state, but wh...

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