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Another Reason You Don't Want to Look Old

Worried that droopy eyelids and thinning hair make you look older than you are? It turns out these telltale signs of aging might actually predict an ailment more serious than co...

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The Surprising Health Benefits Of Cheese

A crazy thing happened to me the other night. I skipped dinner, and I NEVER skip dinner. How did it happen? In a word: cheese. Not just any cheese. The full-fat, delicious, arti...

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A Sweet Treat For Your Heart

Every now and again some of our favorite pound-packing foods pop up in the news as healthier than we originally thought: wine, potatoes and coffee, are just a few. Chocolate is ...

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The Final Word On Busting Belly Fat

For those who want to banish belly fat but don't know the best way to go about it, the verdict is in: aerobic activity is the answer. Researchers from Duke University Medical Ce...

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Can Healthy Gums Prevent Heart Disease?

Your gums should be pink in color, signaling that they are healthy and youthful. Inflamed, bleeding gums may be a sign of gum disease, which can destroy the surrounding bone and...

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Can Blueberries Whittle Your Waist?

Anyone who's seen Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory makes an association between blueberries and an expanding waistline. But recent research shows that Violet's favorite fru...

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