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A Smile Makeover That Mimics A Facelift

Your face may be showing signs of aging if you have severely worn down your front and back teeth through clenching and grinding or if you've had many crowns placed over the year...

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Oil That's Honestly Good For You

The word oil gets a bad rap. We all worry about mineral oil in our skincare products and oil spills in our waters, but some oil is truly advantageous. And olive oil is the healt...

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Acupressure Perks In A Portable Mat

Although the term acupressure was coined only about 60 years ago, it has been used for centuries, especially in Asia. A cousin of acupuncture and shiatsu, it calls upon the body...

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Got A Migraine? Try Botox

You may have heard that Botox is being used off-label to treat migraine headaches, but the proof of its effectiveness is more anecdotal than clinical. That doesn't mean that bot...

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A Sevenfold Formula Of Emollient Oils

Seven Facial Rejuvenating Oil Treatment: the name is practically self-explanatory. However, this simple yet special blend deserves more than just a mention. Because Colorado's ...

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Botox For TMJ

The preferred method for treating TMJ (temporormandibular joint) disorders has been a mouth-guard to prevent damage to the teeth from clenching and grinding. Now, a new treatmen...

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