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A Hand Cream To Top Them All

I admit it-I'm an addict. Every time I wash my hands or even walk past a shelf full of scented hand creams, I have to put one on. Who knows when this addiction started, maybe wh...

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Savor A Sweeter Manicure

Besides perfectly polished fingernails, the hand massage is easily my favorite part of a manicure. While I normally drift off to my happy place during the three minutes of bliss...

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Time Out With A Treat For Your Hands

We apply hand cream all day long in the office, passing different lotions back and forth. Of course, no one wants dry hands, but for us, it's more of a 30-second breather, an op...

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A Very Beneficial Berry-Scented Balm

As a closet “germaphobe,” I'm always washing my hands. Plus, my dog is really needy and demands attention all the time. As welcome as she is, her hair and dander a...

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Lotion Captured In A Convenient Bar

If there's one thing that really impresses us, it's innovation. When a brand takes a beauty product to a creative new place, we're usually instant fans. And that's exactly what ...

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What Body Lotion Would Buddha Use?

Not feeling very zen lately? We know it takes more than a body lotion to achieve enlightenment, but we'll venture to say that an Infusion Organique formula has brought us a litt...

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