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An Invisible Serum For Invincible Shine

English might have not been Kim Vo's first language-he was born in Vietnam and raised in Europe-but we have a feeling even he knows that the name of one of his most wondrous sty...

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Finally—A Leave-In For Fine Hair

One of the main reasons those with thicker hair use leave-in conditioners is to control puffiness. But that weighing-down effect is usually too much for fine hair, so it may see...

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Can Older Women Pull Off Long Hair?

Many people think that older women can't get away with wearing long hair. Whatever your definition of "older" may be, just take a look at how lovely long hair is on women like D...

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Clip-In Custom Bangs For Fringe-Phobes

Bangs have been back in style for a few years now, but you're still not sure you can handle them? The fringe is a favorite of indie darlings and edgy fashionistas, but it may be...

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How Would You Handle This Hairy Situation?

Even though I went to college in Tallahassee, I would wait until my breaks to get my hair cut by Paul, back in Boca Raton. He was the only one I'd let touch my then-short hair, ...

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A Daily Moisturizer For Your Mane

The entire NewBeauty staff has a huge crush on Neil George. That's not a person. It's a brand, made by two people, actually: Neil Weisberg and Amanda George, salon owners from B...

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A Hair-Extension Expert Offers Advice

NewBeauty wanted to get to the root of achieving the best possible hair extension experience, so we Q&A;'d Angelo David, the owner of New York's Angelo David salon and creator o...

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Hairspray With Healthy Holding Power

He's done the 'dos of Jessica Simpson and Eva Longoria Parker, and now he's here to work on yours. Well, not him exactly, but it's certainly the next best thing. Ken Paves, on...

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