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Shiny Strands Without The Stickiness

As much as I covet the look of shiny, flawless hair-the kind typically found on fashion runways and at red carpet events-I also detest the feel of weighted hair, burdened with b...

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Fix Flyaways Fast

Flyaways aren't always easy to treat. Sprays that tame flyaways can often leave the rest of your hair weighed down and greasy. But Define from Emmetts Haircare is not that kind ...

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Living Proof That Hairspray Can Hold

All of us girls who need extra hold for hairstyles to stay in place, have very high expectations of hairspray. With all of those needs in mind, the scientists at Living Proof de...

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An Oldie But A Goodie

Working as beauty professional for the last 15 years, I'd have to admit I've become quite spoiled. Working on set or at a shoot, the product companies are usually generous. As a...

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Fuller Hair From A Wholesome Spray

The vast majority of volumizing products rely on lab-centric ingredients. Although these typically do the trick, there's no reason for natural Nellies to go against their organi...

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