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Your Scalp Needs a Facial Too

The foundation of healthy hair lies in a healthy scalp and in order to keep the skin there nourished, regular exfoliation is key. Just like on your face, shedding dead skin cell...

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Damaged Hair 101: What You Need to Know

It's easy to spot damaged hair—it's rough at the ends, frizzy and split. It also feels dry and lacks shine. In order to minimize the amount of damage that your hair incurs...

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How to Get Shiny Hair in 30 Minutes

There are plenty of treatment options to get smooth, shiny hair: deep conditioners, keratin treatments and even straightening treatments. But one often overlooked treatment is t...

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Give Your Hair a Facial at Byuti

My hair has never felt this good in my entire life. And coming from someone with colored and damaged hair, that’s saying a lot. It’s all because of a treatment I rec...

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Natural Relief For Overloaded Hair

If you feel like your hair might need a break from products and treatments, read on. Vince Smith, owner of downtown Manhattan's The Vince Hair Experience has some at-home, natur...

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