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An Award-Winning Hair Secret

Last weekend, reality TV star, Holly Madison, received the “Beautiful Humanitarian Award” at the Pro Beauty Association's North American Hairstyling Awards in Las ...

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Diamond-Like Shine To Show Off Your Shade

You could have the most vibrant, rich hair color in the world, but if it's not shiny, it's not living up to its full potential for fabulousness. A gorgeous gleam is more than ju...

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Infuse Your Locks With Long-Lost Luster

When your tresses have been damaged by daily styling rituals, it can be almost impossible to get it to shine the way you want. It's no average serum that can bring out the brill...

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An Invisible Serum For Invincible Shine

English might have not been Kim Vo's first language-he was born in Vietnam and raised in Europe-but we have a feeling even he knows that the name of one of his most wondrous sty...

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