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Help For Your Thinning Hairline

Who could forget when uber-gorgeous supermodel Tyra Banks revealed her personal beauty nemesis, describing her forehead as a "five-head," because her hairline was higher than sh...

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Robot To The Hair-Loss Rescue

This sounds like it could be something out of one of those Sci-Fi movies our dads used to watch, but actually, it's pretty impressive robotic technology that offers hope to thos...

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Cosmetic Surgery And Your Career

We'd all like to believe that we can get and keep jobs based on talent and effort, but in this precarious economy, many people feel their appearance plays a bigger part than eve...

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The Evolution Of Hair Restoration

First performed in the 1950s, hair transplants involved removing small plugs of hair from parts of the scalp where hair was growing and relocating it to where it wasn't. This ...

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Non-Surgical Solutions For Hair Loss

Wigs, weaves and scarves can help disguise the effects of hair loss, but the only permanent solution is a medical treatment provided by a plastic surgeon, dermatologist, or hair...

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Hair Cloning?

According to Beverly Hills hair-restoration physician Craig Ziering, DO, hair-follice cloning-also known as hair multiplication or follicular neogenesis-is poised to make hair r...

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