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Hair Oils: What to Look For

With a history that dates back thousands of years, the use of hair oils is nothing new—it’s the formulas, extracts and technologies that have improved. Because of an...

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The Treatment Oil You'll Go Nuts For

Argan oil has been a hot topic over the last five years. Especially over the last two-making standout appearances in a number of products across all types of beauty brands due t...

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Infuse Your Locks With Long-Lost Luster

When your tresses have been damaged by daily styling rituals, it can be almost impossible to get it to shine the way you want. It's no average serum that can bring out the brill...

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Massage Oil For Your Hair

We've always been fans of Sundari's body and skincare products. And what their body oils can do for parched skin is exactly what one of their most beloved products can do for dr...

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A Plum Pick For Prettier Hair And Skin

Hair oils are gaining serious ground when it comes to popular smoothing and conditioning products. Argan, orchid, macadamia, rosemary, gooseberry-we thought we'd seen every bene...

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Oil That Undoes Damaged Hair's Frizz

After trying virtually every texture that smoothing styling products come in-cream, lotion, serum, spray, etc.-I'm convinced that the only format that really takes my hair to th...

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