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Thwart Curl Thirst With A Saturating Shampoo

Curly girls tend to avoid washing their hair whenever they can. They're used to formulas that dry strands as they cleanse. So those who have the pleasure of using Ouidad's Curl ...

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Super-Specific Care For Color-Treated Hair

Shampoos, conditioners and styling products that cater to color-treated hair are nothing new. But few are designed to treat hair according to the technique used to color it. "...

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Healthier Hair From An Italian Miracle Mud

Most of us do what we can do keep dirt out of our hair, but Oscar Blandi's Marine Mud Treatment will have you thinking about muck and mire in a whole new way. Also called Tratt...

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The World's Most Sumptuous Shampoo

How much are you willing to pay for a really good shampoo? $14? $40? We're talking really good: hair-transforming, youth-recapturing, root-to-tip-rejuventating good. Would you p...

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A Hair-Mellowing Mask Out Of Miami

I like to think I know of every beauty brand out there, but I also like being proven wrong, because I get to try something new. When I came across Mirta de Perales products at t...

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Massage Oil For Your Hair

We've always been fans of Sundari's body and skincare products. And what their body oils can do for parched skin is exactly what one of their most beloved products can do for dr...

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