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Hair Loss Solutions That Really Work

One in four women will experience hair loss in their lifetime and countless others will be dissatisfied with the thickness and volume of their hair. That's why in this episode o...

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How to Combat Thinning Hair

While hair loss is genetic, certain factors like diet, medication or hormones may also slow the growth of your hair and even thin it or cause it to fall out. Watch this video to...

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Help For Your Thinning Hairline

Who could forget when uber-gorgeous supermodel Tyra Banks revealed her personal beauty nemesis, describing her forehead as a "five-head," because her hairline was higher than sh...

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Hair Loss Help For Your Aging Scalp

No one wants to lose their hair. No one. Unfortunately for many, it's a fact of this long, rich (or should we say short, brittle?) life. When it comes to thinning hair and hair ...

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Your Hair: Lost And Found

Everyone experiences some natural hair shedding during the hair growth cycle, when it grows about a half an inch a month, then goes into a resting phase. A strand can go through...

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Can Botox Cure Baldness?

Is there anything Botox can't do? Aside from its primary wrinkle-relaxing purpose, doctors have used botulinum toxin to alleviate excessive sweating, TMJ, muscle spasms and more...

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