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A Sweet Treat For Tangled Hair

I've never been particularly fond of leave-in conditioners. I have fine hair, and spraying them on after I have already used a thick conditioner in the shower feels gratuitous, ...

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Hair Extensions: Human Vs. Synthetic

Hair extensions can completely transform your look in just a few hours. Are you considering getting extensions? Want to know the differences between human and synthetic extensio...

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Fly Fishermen Vs. Fashionistas

All the American Idol fans out there know that there are very few reasons not to love judge and Aerosmith front man, Steven Tyler. But thanks to the rock star's feather adorned ...

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Get More Hair Without Surgery Or Meds

Surgery and prescription medication are proven ways to get a thicker head of hair, but there are some situations where time is of the essence and you just can't wait weeks or mo...

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Special Attention For Hair Extensions

The popularity of hair extensions has gone way up, and consequently, so has the demand for easy, effective ways to care for them. Celebrities with polymer-fastened or sewn-in st...

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Celebrity Secret: Hair Extensions

Ever wonder how stars like Jessica Alba can be spotted with a funky bob and long waves within the same week? It's all about hair extensions. And they're now a widely accessible ...

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Clip-In Custom Bangs For Fringe-Phobes

Bangs have been back in style for a few years now, but you're still not sure you can handle them? The fringe is a favorite of indie darlings and edgy fashionistas, but it may be...

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