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A Cool New Way to Blow Dry Hair

It's summertime and the living is easy. Well, a little bit easy. You still have to blow dry your hair to have it look half-way decent, and that means blasting hot air all over y...

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3 Ways You Damaged Your Hair Today

We commonly do things, unknowingly, that are bad for us. We grab a diet coke when we want to cut calories. We wash our face too often in an effort to get it squeaky clean. And w...

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Fight Frizz…And Cancer

We like straight, sleek hair. Split ends, not so much. Unfortunately the two often come in a pair. A break from the hairdryer and flat iron is the best split-end prevention, but...

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Professional Blow-Outs Every Day

Considering you can buy a hair dryer for $15 at any discount chain, T3 understands you probably need some convincing before investing in their $300 Evolution Dryer. Weighing l...

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