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The Lean Legs Workout

Could achieving gorgeous legs be as simple as a session on a trampoline? It might sound like child’s-play but followers of New York’s JumpLife fitness studio in TriB...

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Plastic Surgery at the Gym?

If you belong to a big-name gym such as LA Fitness, Gold’s Gym or Bally Total Fitness or even your local JCC or YMCA, you may be able to learn about important plastic surg...

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Five Tips to Stay Motivated This Winter

It’s cold, icy, and all-around uncomfortable outside but it’s not a free pass from exercising. It’s important to stay active, no matter the weather. “It&...

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Poll: Do You Wear Makeup To The Gym?

When you think of going to the gym, the first thing that pops into your head is the workout you have planned (at least it should be). But for some, the gym can turn into a place...

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The Truth About Toning Shoes

If you don't own a pair, you've seen them in advertisements, in the mall or on women at the gym. Toning shoes are everywhere. Claiming to tighten your calves, thighs and butt, i...

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