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Giving These Scents Makes Sense

Fragrances-as-gifts is a school of thought to which I've never subscribed. Scent is so personal-I worry that any bottle of perfume is bound to get returned. But this holiday sea...

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Fragrancefinder Is Back!

Did you love NewBeauty's first FragranceFinder? Perhaps you missed it? Well, it's back and even better! In addition to favorites from last time-Marc Jacobs, L by L.A.M.B. and V...

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The Bindi Is Back, No Glue Required

In the ‘90s, style icon Gwen Stefani turned an Indian tradition into a big beauty trend by wearing a bejeweled bindi. This season, about a decade after Gwen got girls to ...

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Sweet, Celeb-Worthy Scents

Faith Hill and Gwen Stefani may have nothing in common musically, but an independent fragrance company has turned them-and several other celebrities-into scent sisters. Fresh Sc...

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