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Growth Factors: What Are They?

What They AreGrowth factors are proteins that, “regulate cell growth and cell division in the skin,” says celebrity aesthetician Gina Mari. “We have synthesize...

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Options For Overhauling Your Under-Eye Area

Dark circles and under-eye bags develop when the fat beneath the lower lids protrudes and the muscle becomes loose. When you add excessive drinking, sun exposure, lack of sleep,...

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The Ultimate At-Home Skincare Investment

Lately, there's been a lot of buzz about anti-aging products that work with one's own stem cells, and quite possibly even more buzz about products with growth factor. So, what i...

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What To Expect From Serums

Lightweight and similar in texture to a gel or oil, serums can tackle just about any beauty concern. They act as a vehicle for delivering antioxidants, peptides, vitamins, and o...

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Reduce Wrinkles And Spots Simultaneously

Some of us see wrinkles as our biggest aging enemy, while others consider discoloration the bane of their maturation. Then there are those of us who have the worst of both world...

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The Magic Number For More Youthful Skin

Everyone has a favorite or lucky number, and for Rhonda Allison, it's apparently 28. Her Bio Reform 28 includes that many active compounds to make a difference on skin that's sh...

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Growth Factor Facts

Growth factors are proteins, either bioengineered or derived from plant or animal extracts, that stimulate specific cells to do what they're programmed to do. In beauty products...

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