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Why Do Our Teeth Shift?

Has your normally stellar smile seen better days? Your teeth could be shifting, and the causes are a lot more basic (bad brushing habits, anyone?) than you may think. Luckily, e...

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Two Ways Your Teeth Might Be Aging Your Face

Unhappy with the way your smile looks, but having trouble figuring out why? Perhaps try taking a closer look at the shape of your teeth. They could be affecting your smile and e...

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Four Bad Habits That Are Ruining Your Smile

Bad habits are hard to break and while some are seemingly innocent, others can be quite harmful. When it comes to your smile, bad habits like chewing ice and clenching can serio...

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Fix the Effects of Your Nightly Grind

Are you grinding and clenching your teeth while you’re sleeping? It may seem innocent, but grinding and clenching can actually cause a lot of damage to your smile. Grindin...

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Top Five Smile-Hurting Habits

Bad habits—we all have them, but some are worse than others. And when it comes to your teeth, some of your bad habits might actually be ruining your smile. Atlanta cosmeti...

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A Smile Makeover That Mimics A Facelift

Your face may be showing signs of aging if you have severely worn down your front and back teeth through clenching and grinding or if you've had many crowns placed over the year...

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Nighttime Smile Suggestions

Just like you try to avoid going to bed with your makeup on and try to keep up a nighttime beauty regimen, you should put an effort into your dental routine at night, too. Recen...

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Guard Against Grinding

Nothing causes an aged look in the smile more than worn-down front teeth. In fact, unless this habit is caught early on, it can continue to wear the teeth so much that, as we en...

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