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Will Grapefruit Make You Glow?

We've heard the claim before: incorporate grapefruit into your diet and reap the benefits. The tangy fruit has made headlines again. This time with the claim: “Eat one gr...

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Alternative Preservatives

Just because a product is deemed paraben-free doesn't mean it couldn't contain some sort of preservative to extend its longevity and prohibit the growth of harmful bacteria. Wh...

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Scent Support On-The-Go

Aromatherapy is incorporated into lots of beauty products, but sometimes you need the assistance of a scent without the inconvenience of washing your hair or reapplying a body l...

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A Beautiful Body Oil Worthy Of Obsession

I've never been one to use or even like body oil, but a single product recently became a catalyst for changing my mind. That product is Jatamansi Body Oil, by Parisian perfume h...

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Fruity Refreshment For Your Face

If there's anyone who understands the advantages of fruit, it's a juice company like fruitology. But this brand wanted to reach beyond internal benefits and bring healthy refres...

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A Fantasy Toner With Real Results

Many toners have way-too-harsh ingredients that practically cancel out any of the good they're supposed to do-alcohols, parabens, synthetic fillers and what have you. But with a...

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A Creamy Serum To Up Skin's Suppleness

When we think about serums, we usually picture a clear substance that falls somewhere between oil and gel in our minds' viscometer. But the latest serum from Fleur's is a milky ...

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