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The End Of Cosmetic Animal Testing?

The testing of cosmetics on animals has increasingly fallen out of favor over the years. Many American beauty companies voluntarily avoid the practice, and in 2009, the European...

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France Recalls Fraudulent Breast Implants

Last month, France's health regulators (AFSSAPS) issued a recall of a particular kind of breast implant due to problems with materials and complications. Poly Implant Prothese ...

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A Beauty Ban On Swimmers In Japan

For many of us, the demand is unimaginable: no nail polish, no earrings, no hair dye. Are these not fundamental cosmetic rights? Well, apparently they're not if you're a synchro...

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How The Fda Handles Beauty

According to the federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act (FD&C Act), cosmetics are defined as anything "applied to the human body" for the purposes of "cleansing, beautifying, p...

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Legal Troubles For A Shady Chicago Medspa

If you're wary of ads luring you into Lipodissolve, an unproven form of mesotherapy, your instincts are accurate. And now, a Chicago chain of medspas is facing some potentially ...

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Should Body Odor Be Outlawed?

Despite body odor topping almost everyone's list of offensive attributes, some people simply aren't aware of their foul fragrance-or they just don't care. But is B.O. a big enou...

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Senate Considers Cosmetic Surgery Excise

Already-expensive cosmetic procedures may soon be a bit pricier. If the Senate Finance Committee takes the recently proposed idea seriously, the federal government may impose a ...

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