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Souped-Up Sun Protection

Sunburn isn't the only reason we apply sunscreen. Sun exposure also causes premature lines and wrinkles. To fully protect your skin from the sun, you need more than a high SPF (...

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Pamper Your Heels And Elbows

There are some areas of our body that just don't get as much as love as other parts. Now that it's summertime and we often find ourselves sleeveless and barefoot, it's more impo...

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Sensitive Solution For Acne

Acne. For those of us that have suffered from it, this word evokes all kinds of negative feelings and other four letter words. People with acne-prone skin have become a demograp...

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Calm Down After Cosmetic Procedures

In a perfect world, dermatological treatments like chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and light therapy would give you the results you're looking for without the redness you're ...

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Get Back At Acne With A Salicylic Spray

Being flabby isn't the only thing that keeps us out of bathing suits in the summer. A back covered in blemishes can convince you to stay covered up, too. It's a big enough probl...

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A Glycolic Body Wash For Wonderful Skin

If you've used a face wash with glycolic acid, you've probably noticed the subtle-maybe even dramatic-difference if can make on the look and feel of your skin. So why not unleas...

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