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Main Moisturizer Ingredients

Moisturizers include emollients that smooth and soften the skin. While there are hundreds of ingredients used to hydrate the skin, these are the five most commonly used ones. G...

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Oxygenate Frustrating Flab

Breathing may not make you look slimmer, but the oxygen in Karin Herzog's Silhouette could do just that. In fact, the astounding 4% oxygen concentration in this body cream may...

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Tlc From An Eye-Makeup Remover

Before becoming the enlightened beauty editor that I so humbly am today, I didn't use eye-makeup remover. I relied on whichever cleanser I had at the time to make my mascara and...

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Hyaluronic Acid: Applied Vs. Injected

When it comes to replenishing the skin with lost moisture, hands down, the best choice is hyaluronic acid, which is naturally produced by the body. Many skincare companies are ...

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A Makeup Artist's Magical Serum

When master makeup artist Napoleon Perdis launched NP Set at Target, we were thrilled. This spin-off of his eponymous line is packed with an amazing array of makeup that can't r...

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An Intoxicating Wine-Country Cleanser

It's rare to find a family involved in two different luxury industries. However, 40 years after his grandfather founded a Napa Valley winery, Carlo Cesare Robert Mondavi launche...

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Wash Your Hands Without Hurting Your Skin

You can't turn on the news these days without being reminded to wash your hands frequently. We're all for good hygiene and preventing the spread of viruses, but all that washing...

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Marine Mud For A Clarified Complexion

Clay masks are an excellent option for acne-prone skin, but every skin type can use a healthy dose of clarity now and then. And luckily, the Botanics line from Boots features a ...

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Hyaluronic Acid Gets Extra Hydrating Help

By now, you know that hyaluronic acid plays an unparalleled part in hydrating the skin, and consequently, plumping out fine lines that are exaggerated by dryness. But that doesn...

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