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How Sugar Ages You

We all know about sugar's link to diabetes and weight gain, but it may surprise you to know that it can also contribute to how old you look. According to Meriden, CT, dermatolo...

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Four Steps To A Normal Ph Level

Some skin problems, like acne, dryness and irritation, are often a result of a pH imbalance. This is actually a reflection of the pH level of the skin's acid mantle, a thin, pro...

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Increase Collagen From The Inside

There are tons of topical collagen encouragers out there-you've probably tried one or two or ten. Despite how effective some are proven to be, though, something you spread on yo...

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Slow Down Aging Skin

A couple months ago, I was sitting in a pub in New York City with friends when we were approached by two brave, young British tourists who wanted to buy some American ladies the...

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How Sugar Is Making You Look Older

Everyone knows that sugar is one of the biggest-if not the biggest-obstacle when it comes to controlling weight. But it's also a major, and often underestimated, factor in aging...

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