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Warning: These Foods Cause Belly Bloating

Bloating in the stomach, be it short-lived or regular, can make your midsection not only look bad, but feel bad too. While bloating is one of the easier tummy woes to correct (a...

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Could Going Gluten-Free Clear Your Skin?

For the past year, it seems like we’ve been waging an all out war on gluten. Of course, there are those that must do it for serious health reasons like celiac disease, but...

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Gwyneth Looks the Same 20 Years Later

Whether you love or hate GOOP (or don't event know what it is), you have to admit, Gwyneth Paltrow is killing it. Not only does her face and body look the same as it did over 20...

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Going Gluten-Free: Healthy or Hype?

Whole wheat, the once-loved super grain, is quickly losing its reputation thanks to the rise in gluten-free dieting. But while necessary for those with celiac disease and b...

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Beer Could Bring On Psoriasis

Enjoy drinking a cold beer on a regular basis? Keep an eye on your skin. New research shows that imbibing a few brews each week can increase your chances of developing psoriasis...

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A Safe And Yummy Source Of Vitamin D

One look at my pale skin and you know I'm not getting my vitamin D from sun exposure. And for a while, I wasn't getting it from much else. I often forget to take the capsules I'...

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Our New Super-Healthy Snack Obsession

NewBeauty shares a building with Annie's Pizza, a friendly little restaurant with every fattening food imaginable. It takes incredible resolve to not wander over there in a mid-...

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Lip Gloss Lovers: Welcome To Heaven

If lip gloss was a drug, Tarte would be the ultimate enabler. They're making it all too easy to indulge in the addiction. Putting $165 worth of gorgeous glosses into a single se...

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