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Japanese Haircare Gems

We love quirky, imported beauty products that aren't household names. One of our favorite lesser-known foreign brands is Chidoriya, an almost-60-year-old Japanese beauty company...

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Your Freshest Face From A Kiwi Cleanser

Is there anything more honest than a completely clean face? It reveals the truest you. And whether or not you let everyone see you naked from the neck up, we all have to wash ou...

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A Truly Botanical Fragrance Debut

One of our favorite things about Liz Earle skincare products is their range of scents-sticking to an effective routine is so much easier when you have a favorite fragrance to lo...

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Stems Cells Mingle For More Youthful Skin

Adonia doesn't just want you to use their StemuLift Serum-this Greek-inspired brand wants you to basically forsake all other beauty products, which they say are potentially harm...

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A Cleansing Mask Of Clay And Botanicals

The term "mud mask" has been in the beauty business for decades, but truth be told, it's a little deceiving. You're not actually going to put mud in the traditional sense-the we...

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Boost Your Bath With A Botanical Blend

Not every day can be a bath-taking day, but that's part of what makes it so special when you finally have a few moments to indulge in a sit-down bathing experience. And while lo...

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What Body Lotion Would Buddha Use?

Not feeling very zen lately? We know it takes more than a body lotion to achieve enlightenment, but we'll venture to say that an Infusion Organique formula has brought us a litt...

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Fast Foundation With A Perfect Finish

When's the last time you felt comfortable skipping powder after putting on foundation? We're of the mindset to set even the most beautiful-finish foundation with a powder, but a...

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Unbelievably Luscious Shaving Cream

People who still use soap to shave absolutely boggle our minds. Why anyone would choose it over shaving gel or foam is beyond us. But now that we've found Nourishing Shave Cream...

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