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Female Hair Loss Caused By More Than Genes

Hair loss is usually thought of as a problem afflicting men but it also affects women, many of who usually don’t respond as well to it. Genetics play a large role in the r...

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The Uncertainty Of Cellulite

Just because you carry more weight in some parts of your body and less in others doesn't necessarily mean you're prone to cellulite and vice-versa. In fact, some heavier body ty...

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Preventing And Correcting Facial Fat Loss

Fat loss is part of the aging process, and it can't be stopped entirely. The best way to prevent excessive fat loss in your face is by maintaining a healthy, steady weight. Howe...

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Women Lose Their Hair Too

While thinning hair is typically thought to be limited to men, nearly 30 million women experience hair loss or thinning at some point in their lives. In some cases, it's linked ...

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