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Baby Your Hair With A Gentle Gel

Whether babies need hair gel is debatable. There are some pretty chic babies out there, sporting some seriously out-of-control 'dos, so we can see why some parents are tempted t...

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A Minty Multitasker From The Caribbean

Unless you live alone, be prepared to share your bottle of Aloe Vera Gel with Mint by Ligne St. Barth. It's a do-it-all summer soother you won't be able to keep to yourself. It...

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Finally—A Formula For Fine Curls!

Most people associate curls with thick hair—except for those with curly, fine hair. Yes, it exists, and it's a more prevalent combo than you might think. But Redken already knew...

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Hydrating Gel That Helps Stop Stubble

Whish is, first and foremost, a shaving company. So, naturally, you'd think they'd want you to keep growing hair so you'd need their fabulous shaving creams and brushes. Au cont...

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Hair Cream He Can't Keep To Himself

They rarely admit it, but men often borrow their girlfriends' or wives' beauty products. It just doesn't happen as often the other way around. But Gage for Men is truly tempting...

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A New Style-Specific Haircare Strategy

I've always been diligent about using hair products that are right for my hair type. But the launch of the hip new haircare brand HerCut has made me rethink what I believed was ...

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A Curly Girl's Dream Trio

As a naturally curly 41-year-old lawyer and mother, I am very concerned about my curls being perfect in their irreverence. Frizzy strands just won't do. Weighed down, tired curl...

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Get Glowing Before Summer Starts

It's always nice to get a healthy head-start on summer skin, which is why we're fond of Sisley Sun Glow Gel. This very light, reflective, silicone-infused formula blends into yo...

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