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The First Oil-Powered At-Home Hair Color

Ammonia is one ingredient that is almost always used found in permanant hair color, whether used at the salon or at home—it allows the hair to open up so that the color mo...

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Quickly Clear Away Dark Spots

Nothing tells a stranger your age quicker than the state of your skin. So you might guess that hyperpigmentation from too many years living in the sun is a dead giveaway. Luckil...

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Better Blowouts All Week Long

I've been meaning to go to my hairstylist, Jennifer, to get a long-overdue keratin treatment to tame my puffy, frizzy, why-do-I-live-in-Florida hair, but my calendar has been pa...

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Firming Face Cream That Fights Physics

Unless the jar literally floats before our eyes, we're hesitant to believe any product that claims to defy gravity. But that didn't stop us from trying the latest anti-aging moi...

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Repair And Prevent Sun Damage

Correcting the lines and discoloration caused by sun exposure is a difficult task, as is preventing additional damage from showing up on your skin in the future. We're glad to r...

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Lighten Dark Brown Hair At Home

Over the weekend, I did something at home that I previously thought I could do only at a salon: I went from dark brown to auburn-successfully. I've been admiring the brick-red ...

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Cover Gray Hair At Home

For many years, I never had my hair colored. As I inched towards the end of my 20s, and grey hairs started to appear, I knew I couldn't hold out any longer. I went to a salon an...

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