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Carbs: Sugar or Fuel?

While dieting, it can be confusing to remember the positives and negatives of including carbohydrates in your meals. Are they a necessary part of a balanced diet, or do they imp...

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5 Drinks That Will Make Your Skin Glow

Fresh-pressed juices and smoothies are still all the rage for full-body wellness. So why not drink one that also has some skin benefits? Here are five that will get yo...

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Eat Your Way to Soft and Smooth Skin

It’s natural for skin to be less capable of retaining moisture as it ages. But there’s something to be said about well-moisturized skin: it looks dewy, soft and fine...

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Smoothie Saga

Especially over the summer, fruit smoothies are a great snack or on-the-go meal to help beat the heat. But remember, just because they're made with fruit, doesn't mean they are ...

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Fight Fat With Fiber

I'm always excited about food solutions, whether topical or internal. Food is so basic and something we all have access to. It's the ultimate problem solver. I even cook to reli...

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