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Try This Red Carpet Look

Monday night was the “Friends with Benefits” premiere in Hollywood. There's no question Mila Kunis (the film's leading lady) is a natural beauty but she was lookin...

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Start Straightening In The Shower

When it comes to straightening our hair, most women don't consider shampoo or even conditioner the starting point. That usually begins once we step out of the shower, with styli...

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Can Older Women Pull Off Long Hair?

Many people think that older women can't get away with wearing long hair. Whatever your definition of "older" may be, just take a look at how lovely long hair is on women like D...

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Get Hair No-Chlorine Clean

If you're frequently found poolside, UV protection is enough for your hair. But if you plan on actually diving in, you're going to need a little more help to keep hair looking h...

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Straight-Up Pretty Preggers Hair

Back in August of 2007, I found hair salvation: the controversial Brazilian Keratin Treatment. With fuzzy, curly hair, I haven't been able to live without it since-until I found...

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My Week Of Excessively Dry Hair

I've been experiencing several days in a row of limp, dry, dull hair. It's been two months since my last visit to the colorist, so the faded strands coupled with intermittent st...

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New Year, New Hair-Color Trends!

The New Year leaves many of us wanting a fresh look, and Brian Keller, senior colorist at Frédéric Fekkai Salon and Spa in Palm Beach shares his color forecast for 2007. Color t...

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