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The Perfect Primer For Imperfect Skin

It's the days where my skin is acting up the most that I want to stay clear of makeup. I understand the irony of this statement but the thought of piling on foundation to my irr...

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Acne-Fighting Foundation Primer

If there's anyone reluctant to use foundation primer, surely it's those with acne-prone skin. Just the thought of a smothering extra layer can make a person break out. It's rath...

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A Cosmetic Kit To Camouflage Vitiligo

Over 60 million people are effected by vitiligo, an autoimmune disease that causes splotches of depigmentation in the skin, yet there are very few courses of treatment for manag...

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Get Gorgeous Skin From A Jeans Genius

Most of my jeans bear an Old Navy or Gap label, but being the daughter of two fashion-industry veterans, I'm not above-or, perhaps, below-coveting high-end denim. In fact, I hav...

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A Breakout-Busting Makeup Primer

Maybe it was stress. Maybe it was hormonal. Or maybe it was about time I got my fair share. Whatever the reason, one thing was clear: my usually blemish-free complexion wasn't. ...

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A Pink Primer For A Fresh Face

We've got lots of Benefit makeup goodies, but we recently realized that we'd never tried a foundation primer by the cute company. Then, just as we were having this epiphany, the...

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